Vidéos de la conférence "Old World Conference (...)

Rubrique : Vidéos et photos

Le laboratoire BCL (Bases, Corpus et Langage) vous informe que les vidéos de la conférence OCP-7 (Old World Conference in Phonology 7 ) qui s’est tenue à Nice du 28 au 30 Janvier 2010 peuvent être visionnées en ligne.

  • with iTunes (which you need to have installed on your machine, available at : right above the list of videos, you will see two tabs, one "conférences" which contains 20 talks, the other "interviews", which contains 5 interviews that were realized with people that look at OCP from various perspectives : Marc van Oostendorp, Patrick Honeybone, Marily Vihman, Eugeniusz Cyran and Bronwyn Bjorkman.
  • without iTunes (on the local Unice "kiosque") :
    • the 20 talks are available at ; then choose the individual talks in the pull-down menu "Médias" (there are a number of items unrelated to OCP, the OCP-talks have an "OCP7" suffix) ;
    • the 5 interviews (Cyran, Oostendorp, Honeybone, Vihman, Bjorkman) are available at : ; then choose the individual interview in the pull-down menu "Médias".


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