Sciences Humaines : conférence « Employee (...)

Rubrique : Nice Universitaire

Jeudi 14 février 2013, 16h - 18h

Salle 0.31 de la Maison des Sciences Humaines et Sociales (MSHS Sud-Est)

Le séminaire du Laboratoire d’Anthropologie et de psychologie cognitives et sociales (LAPCOS) « Coopération et comportements pro-sociaux » organise la conférence avec :


Associate Professor of Industrial and Organizational Psychology Department of Psychology, Colorado State University

« Employee Engagement : Engaging Oneself and Others in the Workplace »

Engaging employees is a critical management challenge these days, especially when global consulting firms estimate that businesses in Europe lose up to € 272 billion per year to unengaged workers. In a series of studies, my research team and I have examined aspects of the work environment and their relation to employee engagement. We’ve studied the virtual workplace, interpersonal leadership (transformational, supportive, and fair leadership), characteristics of the job, and relations across the organization (proximal and distal coworkers), and their relations with engagement and outcomes such as job tension, commitment, and performance. Combined results suggest that employee engagement is about engaging oneself as well as engaging others (i.e., leaders, coworkers). Iʼll introduce the topic of engagement, discuss each study and implications of the program of research, and welcome feedback and critical discussion.

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