Under this heading you will find a list of the major schools located in Nice-Sophia Antipolis, with their contact information.

ESCCOM, a graduate business, communications, and management school has been present in tertiary sector educational programs for more than 20 years : Commerce, Marketing, Secretarial, Information systems, Accounting, Management, Taxes, Human Resources, Languages..., as well as accompanying your job-search or re-training. In February 2010, the Restaurant sector opened.
22 Rue El Nouzah - 06000 Nice - Tel. +33 (0)4 93 85 16 67

To innovate you must be enterprising and creative. EPITECH Nice wants to share the passion for information systems with an educational program based on open-mindedness and initiative taking.
59 rue de la Buffa - 06000 Nice - Tel. +33 (0)1 44 08 00 26

- ESPEME in the EDHEC Group
The EDHEC graduate business school’s post-high school program. Our ambition is to train committed, responsible managers who have a clear vision of their future, anticipate, make decisions, deploy energy, adapt, innovate, create, and, are conscious of the world around them, participating in its economic development and reconstruction.
393 Promenade des Anglais - BP3116 - 06202 Nice cedex 3 - Tel. +33 (0)4 93 18 99 66

- ESRA Côte d’ Azur
Audiovisual production graduate school
9 quai des Deux-Emmanuel, 06300 Nice - Tel. +33 (0)4 92 00 00 92

- I.E.S.T.S.
Graduate social work institute
6, rue du Chanoine Rance-Bourrey, 06105 Nice Cedex 2 - Tel. +33 (0)4 92 07 77 97

Institut Européen • European Institute Institut Européen • European Institute (IE•EI ) for higher international studies is a private international education and research establishment. It was created in 1964 at the initiative of the CIFE (international European training center) with support from the city of Nice and the European Commission.
10, avenue des Fleurs, 06000 Nice - Tel. +33 (0)4 93 97 93 70

Free institute for commercial studies
12, boulevard Dubouchage, 06000 Nice - Tel. +33 (0)4 92 17 33 10

This preparatory institute for administration and management is a graduate business school with a 5-year degree, without preparatory courses, whose diploma is sanctioned by the French Ministry for Education.
4, boulevard Carabacel, 06000 Nice - Tel. 04 93 13 39 00

For a major university like EDHEC, research is meaningless unless it serves corporate interests, the economy, and students. At issue : reconciling academic excellence with industrial pertinence and contributing to the public debate. Research is a strategic investment for the group benefiting all training programs.
393, Promenade des Anglais - BP3116 - 06202 Nice cedex 3 - France - Tel. +33 (0)4 93 18 99 66

A business school created in 1986, IDRAC now has over 200 students. With internships in businesses and the intervention of regional decision-makers, IDRAC’s students benefit from its perfect integration into the region’s economic fabric. To accompany its development and better serve its students, IDRAC has invested in a new site at the heart of the number one technopole in Europe at Sophia Antipolis. In a 2400 hectare pine forest, it has more than 1400 business, 4000 researchers, and 5000 students. IDRAC’s professors are both teachers and researchers. Doctoral students and those who have earned their doctoral degrees have all their research introduced into the school’s pedagogical content.
Natura B4 - 1198 Avenue Maurice Donat - 06250 Mougins - Sophia-Antipolis - Tel. +33 (0)4 93 84 83 58

- Nice’s journalism school News
Since 1990, Nice’s journalism school has been meeting the challenge on a daily basis : training professional journalists in the field when they enter their editorial office. Recognized by the state, the EDJ has provided more than 600 professional journalists to major media outlets in France (Paris, Lyon, Marseilles), as well abroad.
69 rue Roquebillière - 06300 Nice - Tel. +33 (0)4 97 08 28 28

The leading graduate information system school in France was founded in 1965 and is recognized by the state. State-certified diploma. Created with the City of Nice and the CANCA (Nice-French Riviera Metropolitan Community) SUPINFO PACA is located in Nice-Arenas, Nice’s business district, just across from the international airport. The school offers the same pedagogical and technological resources (WiFi network, VPN, Tablet PCs...) as all other SUPINFO schools, and its teaching programs are strictly identical in all SUPINFO schools. Are you interested in information systems ? Make it your profession with SUPINFO !
SupInfo Nice Campus - 455 promenade des Anglais - Immeuble Arenice – 06299 Nice Cedex - +33 (0)1 53 35 97 00

ISCAE - Business School in Nice
Graduate studies are designed to give direction to management and train line managers in the skilled trade, insurance, real estate, communication, wealth management, human resources ...
At the heart of Nice, students receive a welcoming, furnished with modern and functional. Based on an extensive network of partners, ISCAE Nice assists them in finding internships and jobs.
Each cycle diploma being independent, the business school can complete their training after 2 years (BTS), 3 years (DEES) or 5 years (Master).
ISCAE - 15-17 rue de la Liberté - Nice - 0493541813

- Villa Arson
National School of Art
National Center for Contemporary Art
library of contemporary art
artist residencies
20 avenue Stephen Liégeard, 06105 Nice Cedex 2