DELF and DALF There are two national French language diplomas : DELF - diploma for French studies – and DALF – diploma for in-depth French studies

Delivered by the French Education Ministry, they are destined for a non-French-speaking audience and officially certify levels of familiarity with, skill in, and mastery of the French language. No diploma is required to take the test.

The first degree DELF includes 4 test units. It is in preparation for the second degree DELF. To prepare the DALF, you must have obtained the second degree DELF or have passed a direct access test. Obtaining the DALF certifies a level of French providing for participating on good terms in university-level education in France. It provides dispensation from linguistic entry exams at French universities

The TEF or French Evaluation Test has been developed by the Paris Chamber of Industry and Commerce to assess the level of French of non-native French speakers.

The TCF The French Knowledge Test, equivalent of the English TOEFL, has been created by the CIEP (international pedagogical studies center) upon request from the French Education Ministry. It provides for assessing the linguistic level of non-native French speakers. The test includes 80 questions and 2 optional oral and written expression exams. The TCF may only be taken in centers authorized by the CIEP.

University diplomas reserved for foreign students, the CPLF (practical French language certificate), DEF (2nd degree French studies diploma), and the DSEF (graduate French studies diploma) must be taken at the university by candidates with a French high school diploma or equivalent. Contact Parisian universities directly for more information.

Alliance Française Diplomas The Alliance Française prepares foreigners for various French diplomas. These include : The CEFP (practical French study certificate), DL (the Alliance Française’s language diploma), and the DHEF (higher French studies diploma).