Nice has a large number of study courses and university education programs. With more than 39,000 students, 12.8% of whom are foreigners, Nice is the number one graduate education platform in the Alpes Maritimes department

French Government Scholarships

Each year the French government grants a large number of scholarships. The beneficiaries are designated by the cultural services in France’s embassies. The choice is based on specific projects integrated into cooperation programs, established according to governmental priorities and the decisions of joint commissions.

The duration of your scholarship depends on your course of study : educational programs or internships that you agree to successfully complete within the set deadlines. Your results (exams, tests, teacher evaluations) determine whether your scholarship is maintained or terminated.

Wherever they are from, scholarship candidates must, before departure and sufficiently in advance, contact these services directly in their home country in order to obtain all the information required concerning the attribution of these scholarships and supplementary files.

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Specific Programs

- The “Excellence-Major II”

program allows the best foreign students from French high schools abroad to continue their university education in France.

- Theological Scholarship program (call for candidates 2009-2010)

The theological scholarship program is designed for students who would like to participate in the theological study programs provided by French graduate schools.

It provides scholarships to French-speaking students, with priority given to religious students, at the Doctorate or Master’s level, or, where appropriate, the Bachelor’s level by waiver, for candidates from countries that do not have the necessary infrastructures.

Candidatures from students studying abroad have priority over those students already located in France.

Citizens of the European Union and North America are not eligible for this program.

- Social Welfare Scholarships. In some countries, French cultural services grant social welfare scholarships

Beneficiary of this type of scholarship obtain French government scholarship status ; in addition they may participate in cultural activities organized by the CROUS and are exonerated from paying university registration fees. However, they may not claim any other service.

Lastly, contrary to French government scholarship students, those receiving a social welfare scholarship do not have priority access to university housing.