Colloquium Jacques Morgenstern « i-Snake - (...)

Rubrique : Info Etudiants

Jeudi 16 février 2012, 11h

Inria - Sophia Antipolis, bâtiment Kahn, amphithéâtre Morgenstern

L’Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique, INRIA, vous invite à la conférence : « i-Snake - Imaging–Sensing Navigated and Kinematically Enhanced Surgical Robot ».

Guang-Zhong Yang

Professeur, Imperial College, London

Résumé :

Reduced patient trauma and recovery time combined with improved precision and dexterity for micro-scale tasks are major benefits of robotically assisted Minimal Invasive Surgery (MIS).

This lecture outlines key clinical challenges and research opportunities in developing biomimetic robotic systems integrated with in situ, in vivo imaging and sensing towards the future evolution of medical robotics. The lecture will cover the latest developments in fully articulated, bio-inspired (e.g. Snake) robot platforms that facilitate intra-luminal or extra-luminal anatomical curved pathway navigation with integrated sensing and navigation. It addresses key theoretical considerations of bio-mimetic control for intra-operative manipulation under dynamic local/global constraints, as well as the current paradigm shift and clinical demand for bringing cellular and molecular imaging modalities to an in vivo, in situ setting to allow for real-time tissue characterization, functional assessment, and intraoperative guidance. Issues concerning effective, natural human-robot interface are discussed and example implementations for these highly redundant robot platforms based on the concept of perceptual docking are provided.


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