Helping you with your studies and your independence with housing assistance, your CAF is at your side to help you get off to a good start.

This remote service is destined to all students. It allows you to submit your request for housing assistance from the Family Benefits Fund.
If you have already registered with a CAF, make sure you have your ID number and security code. To access your file, click here and enter the postal code for your former residence.

How does it work ?

Enter the information regarding your residence and your situation. After validating your input, a personalized case file will be created with a unique identification number.

You should print this file and send it to your CAF by post, signed and accompanied by the requested documents.

With the automated recovery of the data you entered on the Internet, your request will be processed more quickly upon reception.

This remote service is designed for you : if you are a student, if you rent a housing unit, and if you have signed a lease agreement (each joint renter holding a rental agreement must submit a request), if you do not have, you or your spouse, a child in care. If your situation is different, you may download the housing assistance request form.

We suggest you obtain the following information for you and your spouse, common law spouse, or civil partner if you live as a couple : the full housing unit address, name and address of the organization providing you a scholarship if you have a social welfare scholarship, your annual resources for 2007.

Your bank information (or your spouse’s if applicable). If you live as a couple, obtain this information for your spouse.

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