Séminaire Astronomie et Astrophysique " An (...)

Rubrique : Nice Universitaire

Mardi 14 décembre, 13h45 - 14h45

NEF - Mont Gros


Séminaire par Anna Maria Cherubini (University of Lecce, Italy).

The standard models in use for colliding bodies are subject to the ’pathology’ of inelastic collapse i.e. clusters of particles perform an infinite number of impacts in a finite time. All

these models rely on a restitution coefficient to model energy dissipation during impacts. We propose a simple model of a bouncing ball that takes explicitely into account the elastic deformability of the body and the energy dissipation due to internal friction, thus avoiding the use of a restitution coefficient ; we prove through rigorous asymptotic extimates that there is no inelastic collapse.

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