Physique : séminaire « Dissipative localized (...)

Rubrique : Nice Universitaire

Vendredi 11 janvier 2013, 11h

Institut non linéaire de Nice, Valbonne

Séminaire général de Physique avec :

Marcel G. Clerc

Departamento de Fisica, Universidad de Chile

Résumé :

Macroscopic systems maintained out of equilibrium through periodic forcings are characterized by the possibility of the emergence of particle-type solutions or localized states. We unveil a novel type of parametrically excited dissipative solitons. It differs from the well-known dissipative solitons with constant phase by an intrinsically dynamical evolving shelltype phase front.

We propose analytical and numerical characterizations, displaying quite a good agreement. In one and two spatial dimensions, the system shows three types of stationary solitons with shell-like structure, which we propose can be observed in several physical systems such as a vertically driven chain of pendula, a forced magnetic wire or plate and optical parametric oscillator


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