IFEA Europe’s Annual Conference 2014

Rubrique : Info Etudiants

les 12 et 13 février 2014 - Ipag Business School - 4 Boulevard Carabacel, 06000 Nice

IFEA Europe’s Annual Conference 2014 a lieu à Nice cette année, avec un pré-colloque de 2 jours dans les locaux de l’Ipag Business School, à destination des étudiants.

L’IFEA, c’est l’Association européenne des Festivals et de l’Evènementiel.

IFEA est l’International Festivals & Events Association. l’IFEA organise cette année son Congrès annuel en liaison avec le Carnaval de Nice.

A cette occasion, une pré-Conférence, le « Master Class » est offerte pendant 2 jours aux étudiants qui se spécialisent dans le monde de l’Evènementiel. Elle a lieu à l’Ipag Business School.

19 personnalités de 7 pays différents sont attendues à l’Ipag Nice, pour préparer et présenter à ces étudiants un programme entièrement consacré à l’évènementiel :
- exploration de l’industrie du « how-to » ;
- contexte académique ;
- aspects sociaux-économiques de l’évènementiel ;
- management de l’évènementiel.

Ces étudiants privilégiés sont ceux du Master 5ème année préparant leur double diplôme IPAG & M.Sc Edinburgh-Napier spécialisé en « International Marketing with Tourism & Events », et des étudiants en M1 de Bournemouth University (Grande-Bretagne) venus à Nice spécialement pour l’occasion.

Les intervenants, professionnels dans le management de l’évènementiel, viennent du Royaume-Uni, du Danemark, des Etats-Unis, de Slovénie, de Roumanie, du Quatar, et de France.

Des professionnels organisateurs de festivals, des officiels de mairies, des chercheurs du monde du Tourisme et de la Culture se rencontreront ensuite au Congrès qui se tiendra au Plaza Hotel Boscolo le vendredi 14 février.


Pre-Conference Master Class - Day 1
Ipag Business School, 4 Boulevard Carabacel, 06000 Nice

All sessions will be hosted by IFEA EUROPE board members : Allan Xenius Grige, IFEA Europe chairman ; cultural consultant and lecturer at Copenhagen Business School, Colm Croffy, CEO of Assoc. of Irish Festivals & Events, William Culver-Dodds, Culver-Dodds Cultural Consultancy, and Phil Long, Associate Dean, Head of Tourism academic group, Bournemouth University.

Programme :

- 09:00 Registration opens for professionals (lobby of Ipag Business School)
- 09:30 Registration - student participants
- 09:30 Welcome and briefing of professionals
- 10:15 OPENING : Welcome - and remarks on trends in the festivals and events industry.
Allan Xenius Grige, chairman IFEA Europe
Steven Wood Schmader, president, IFEA World
- 10:45 Legacy of major sporting events
Beverley Hill, guest lecturer, Ipag Business School
- 11:15 Le Tour de France – Yorkshire’s Grand Départ
Welcome to Yorkshire, in partnership with local councils, successfully bid to host the start of the Tour de France to the UK in July 2014. The aim is to build on the successes of the London 2012 Olympic Games. The race sits within a broader Yorkshire Grand Départ project which for the first time in the event’s history includes a major arts festival and activities to create an economic and cycling legacy. William Culver-Dodds was commissioned by Welcome to Yorkshire to develop the Cultural Festival element of the Grand Depart. His presentation will introduce the Festival as well as providing a wider overview of the delivery of the Grand Depart project.
William Culver-Dodds, Culver-Dodds Consultancy
- 11:45 Break
- 12:00 "My challenges" :
Presentation of some of the main issues and challenges facing the events practitioners present in the room
- 12:30 Discussion
- 13:15 Lunch break
- 14:00 Event branding and audience Dialogue.
New technology provides new opportunities. But is ’old fashioned’ marketing are out of place ? What does it mean to ’engage audiences" in 2014 ?
Colm Croffy, Executive Director, Assoc. of Irish Festivals & Events
- 15:00 Break
- 15:15 Festivals and Social Media Marketing. Presentation of research projects by Bournemouth University
The impact of Notting Hill Carnival on individuals who are interested in the Caribbean Culture
Doreen Mbagwu, Bournemouth University
Notting Hill Carnival : Evaluating social impact using secondary data collected from twitter.
Emma Craig, Bournemouth University
The role of Social Media in the post music festival evaluation stage by Customers
Jasmine Waddell, Bournemouth University
Using social media evaluate small-scale community events Sarah Ardin, Bournemouth University
- 16:30 End of day.


Pre-Conference Master Class - Day 2
Venue : Ipag Business School

- 10:15 Trends. Tools, and Best Practice in Festival and Event Sponsorship.
Securing and activating sponsorship is an ongoing challenge for most event organisations.
We shall take a look at trends and practices in the event sponsorship market. Allan Xenius Grige, Copenhagen Arts & Culture Consult
- 11:30 Break
- 11:45 Networks discussion : Session suggests benefits of networking and lends thoughts to the value of well-established networks in the events sector. What are relevant networks, which purposes do they serve ? 13:00 Lunch 14:00 The creative session : In this tour-de-force session, we shall criss-cross some "hands-on" practices and creative ideas for corporate events : How to make a corporate event interactive ? how do we get audiences to mingle ? Some award winning concepts of "testing small – doing it big" - on how you can do a test with a small audience to work the concept out for a bigger event. And what is the price of a concept ? What can you charge for that idea that came up in your mind in a few seconds ? The use of a beermat, and the power of renewing a festival are also included... Joost ter Waarbeek and Isabel Brummer, directors JTW Events and lecturers, InHolland University 15:00 Wrap-up session. 15:00 End of programme



- 19:00 Delegates’ welcome reception
Venue : Nice City Hall, Rue Hotel de Ville 6


Main Conference Seminar - Venue : Plaza Hotel
- 08:45 - 09.00 Welcome and introductions
- 09:00 – 09:30 Welcome to Nice ; importance of events in the Nice/Alpes Maritimes Region.
Rudy Salles, Deputy of Tourism and International Relations
- 09:30 – 10:00 The events industry in 2014 - an International Perspective
Steven Wood Schmader , President, IFEA World
- 10:10 – 10:30 Tourism, events, and city branding - some trends and fashions
Colm Croffy, CEO, Association of Irish Festivals & Events
- 10:45 - 11:15 New perspectives and opportunities for tourism and events in Nice
Denis Zanon, Office du Tourisme et des Congres de Nice
- 11:15 - 12:00 Inside “America’s New Year Celebration. An insider’s view backstage to one of the world’s most renowned festivals held annually in Pasadena, California. The "Rose Parade" and companion sports event the "Rose Bowl Game" have welcomed the New Year for 125 years and continues to serve as a leader in community festival planning, economic impact, event management and media broadcasting. This unique and outstanding festival celebration was created after citizens of Pasadena, California visited Nice, France in the late 1880’s.
Richard L. Chinen, President ; and William B. Flinn, Executive Director ; Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association

- 12:00 -12:30 Music Must Be For All
About musical expression, vision, engagement and enthusiasm. Eric Martin, President & CEO, Music for All, Inc. / Bands of America and Orchestra America
- 12:30- 13:45 Lunch
with roundtable conversation about Event Management Education
- 13:45-14.30 Events and their contributions to destination½ image and brand equity.
Frederic Dimanche, Ph.D., SKEMA Business School
- 14:30 - 15:15 Engaging citizens around the Portland Rose Festival
Director’s perspective on the making of one the most famous parade festivals in the USA ; the Portland Rose Festival in Portland, Oregon.
Jeff Curtis Chief Executive Officer, Portland Rose Festival
- 15.30 - 16:00 Carnivals in perspective.
The international influence of the Nice Carnival since the Belle Epoque, and the Mediterranean carnivals’ exhibition at MuCEM in Marseilles.
Dr. Annie Sidro, Carnival historian, founder Carnaval Sans Frontieres
- 16:00 - 16:45 Tuscany : The two largest events. Viareggio Carnival and Puccini Festival
A unique directors’ insight into the two must grand events in the Italia region of Tuscany, the spectacular Viareggio Carnival, the hightlight of the winter season, and the Puccini Festival, a celebration of the belower opera composer that brings his home region to live each summer. Franco Moretti, Director, Puccini Festival, and
Stefano Pasquinucci, president, Fondazione Carnevale de Viareggio
- 16:45 – 17:20 Bournemouth University’s Festival Impact Monitor project
How social media marketing helps build music festivals as popular brands (Ryan Kulikowski)
Social Impacts of Hallmark Events on International Online Communities, a study of the Glastonbury Festival (Rogan Sage)
- 17:20 - 17.30 Closing, evening programme briefing.
- 17:30 Dinner (independent) Evening : Attend the Opening Ceremony of the Carnival at Place Massena (close to the hotel)


“Behind the Scenes"
Venues - Nice Opera House and Nice Carnival Parades
-  09:20 Nice Opera House
Introduction to the Opera and its events, followed by interactive sponsorship discussion with Anne Stephant, Director of Marketing, Nice Opera ; William Culver-Dodds, Consultant and Bruce Skinner, author of Event Sponsorship
- 11:00 – 12:00 Briefing about today’s parades and tomorrow’s Nice Rock n’Roll Marathon
Dr. Annie Sidro, carnival historian
Tom Godfrey, CEO, Rock n’Roll Marathon.
- 12:00 – 13:30 Lunch (independent)
- 14:30 – 16:30 Flower parade
- 16.30 – 20:00 Dinner (independent)
- 20:30 Carnival Parade


-  09:00 Rock n’Roll Marathon departure event
-  10:00 Walk to Carnival workshops for a special tour and conference closing
Lunch - independent.
Individual departures in the afternoon