Taking off to study in Nice with your own means is the most difficult and complex path. As proof : there is no path laid out. Ideally, you should use all the resources available to you, with multiple schemes and contacts

A Few Leads to Explore

This will require that you have a very specific project and that you personally carry out a number of highly targeted schemes to construct a coherent project.

- The cultural services at the French Embassy in your home country can provide you with information about the opportunities and conditions for studying and residing in France. In particular, you will find “Je vais en France” a brochure published by the CNOUS – national centre for university and school facilities

- French Foreign Affairs Ministry List of French diplomatic missions abroad. Learn more from the international relations service at your school or university.

- Also think about contacting your professors and teachers to ask for advice and any leads in your research. They will be precious contacts in this domain. They can provide you with information about bilateral programs or agreements signed by your university with Parisian universities.

- Word of mouth : if you have any acquaintances, friends or family who have studied in France, they may be helpful to you, particularly in guiding you in the steps to take. Even better : they can give you what no guide or Internet site ever can – human experience !
The French Education Ministry’s website has a “Come Study in France” heading. We recommend you visit it.

French Education Ministry

Created by the French Education and Foreign Affairs Ministries, its mission is to promote French teaching to foreign students. EduFrance has local offices in 31 countries. The list of local offices on the five continents may be obtained from their website.

The French center for international hosting and exchanges has a Foreign Student Guide on its Internet site. Don’t miss it.

The CNOUS (French national university and school facilities center) has part of its website dedicated to welcoming foreign students.

For information :

Germany : The German equivalent of the CNOUS and the CROUSes (many CROUSes are twinned with Studenwerke)

Germany : Office Franco-Allemand pour la jeunesse

United States : National Association of Student Personal Administrators

Canada : Produced by the French Embassy in Canada’s Cultural and Scientific Services, a site for Canadian students and education professionals regarding higher education courses in France and France-Canada exchanges