Conférence Santé et Big data

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le Jeudi 25 Juin à 16h15 à Innovative City - Acropolis - Nice

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NICE - 24 + 25 JUNE 2015
Nice is hosting the Innovative City Conference, a major event in Europe around Smart Cities Innovations !

Come to join us for the Partners Conference in Digital Health Thursday, June 25th 2015

Partner Conference PA25 :

French and English Panel : « Big data and simulation in Healthcare : delivering better services for the citizen with more data ? »

- Date : Thursday June 25 2015
- Time : 16h15 – 17h45
- Room : Risso 6 How can big data improve the quality of care ? How far are we from personalized medicine for day to day care ? How will big data reduce disparities ? Can predictive models improve efficiency in healthcare delivery and solve the health system capacity problem ? Some concrete examples and practices will be presented here from the French system and from the Israeli system to help us envision the promises of predictive medicine and predictive models.

Speakers :
- Pr. Ran Balicer, MD, PhD, MPH ; Founding Director, Clalit Research Institute (Israel), the WHO Collaborating Center on Non-Communicable Diseases Research, Prevention and Control.
- Pr. Pascal Staccini, MD, PhD, Co-Chair IRIS ; Professor, School of Medicine, University Sophia-Antipolis
- Isabelle Hillali, VP Marketing & Strategy, Orange Healthcare, VP Healthcare Data Institute
- Jean-Yves Quentel, CEO, Mensiatech Group
- Davide Schaumman, Ph.D candidate, Planning & Architecture Faculty, Technion Institute, Haifa, Israel.

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ACROPOLIS Palais des Congrès NICE - 1 Esplanade Kennedy 06300 Nice - Map Jean Bouin Parking

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